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True stories

Oh My God, so AWESOME!! I had so many issues trying to get rid of algae, I tried everything I could, I even talked to pool stores. Finally I took a chance on this, BEST thing I ever did. I live in Florida and trust me algae will take over the pool in a day and it will take you forever to get it back under control and that's with emptying some water. With this product I use it every 6 months. If I see my pool getting a hint of the water not being crystal clear I know its time to use it. I put in the recommended amount and a day later, crystal clear again. I keep an eye on ph and chlorine. Once ph is balanced it stays that way and chlorine is just my regular tabs in the floaters. Everyone should know about this best kept secret. Thank you Kleen Pool!!!!! Now I really enjoy my pool!


This product is revolutionary. Most pool stores near me don’t sell it, and I know why, because they would be out of business for not being able to sell you household cleaning products at a 500% mark up. Get the PH right and use Kleen Pool. I have for years of maintenance free pool use. Follow your normal chlorinating schedule. I haven’t had to shock my pool in years.


We have used this for years and it really works. We add it at the beginning of the season and close with it in the fall. We ALWAYS have clear water when we open. NEVER green pool water.


This product is amazing. We have tried so many different products to get rid of our algae & nothing worked more than a couple of days. Since using Kleen Pool, there has not been any recurrence of algae and our pool is sparkling clear, will definitely continue using this product.


Outstanding product, had been trying to control algae issues with other products which worked for only short periods of time especially in hot weather. Followed the directions with this product, it has been in the pool about a month and a half, and I have not seen or had any algae issues. Would definitely buy this product again.


I've been using this stuff for years. Once in the spring when we open the pool, and again in the fall when we shut it down. It also limits the chlorine use all year. Our pool doesn't smell like chlorine at all, and the grandkids eyes are never red thanks to Kleen Pool. You're crazy if you don't use this stuff!!!

R. Boulis

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